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That wild Iggy Pop didn’t seem to own a shirt.All the things he did on stage, really must’ve hurt!
(Page 13 of the forthcoming book, What Is Punk?)

Artwork by Anny Yi, Youngest Indie
So, here’s a Groupon email that didn’t A) piss me off as a consumer, or B) make me cringe as an email marketer. (Or, of course, C) both.)
They made good use of their data to personalize, follow-up, and upsell. This email includes multiple data points: my first name, the recipient’s full name, the specific item I previously purchased (almost four months ago), and the category of that purchase. Now, they could get a little tighter with their categories (does buying wine mean I want baked goods?), but it’s in the ballpark, and it doesn’t strike me as absurd (as many other Groupon emails do).
So let’s give Groupon their due, this once. They’re swimming in data — lighting their cigars with PII — and it’s nice to see them using it in a way that streamlines their communications and makes their business smarter.
Ecommerce: Managed the D2C preorder that broke Warner’s digital sales records
Social + Content Strategy: Gated video premiere boosted site registrations and email subscriptions by 180%.
Watch the video, it’s good!
Ecommerce: Innovative Green Day box set was the first of its kind — taking preorders, delivering instant grat tracks, and fulfilling in three separate shipments.
Brand strategy: Data-driven branding and messaging go-to-market strategy for new Singer product and promotional partnership opportunities.
In-store marketing strategy: 12-month program to promote Coke products (especially non-soda drinks) in Wal*Mart stores around the country.
Multimedia campaign: Campaign strategy and messaging for the Johnson & Johnson nursing campaign. Turned a national shortage of nurses into a surplus.

How Much Do Digital Music Services Pay Copyright Owners?
As music fans continue to have more options in their digital music consumption, the ways that artists and copyright holders get paid continues to become more complicated and fuzzy – often because of outdated copyright laws and private negotiations occurring between artists, labels and streaming services. Given that digital music services like Spotify and Pandora are continuing to see their user bases grow  at the same time that global music sales continue to decline overall, music services need to become transparent enough so that artists can get a clearer grasp of the viability and sustainability of their music careers through the usage of their recordings.
With that in mind, the following infographic displays the projected revenue for 2012 earned by Pandora, Sirius XM and Spotify, and then compares that to the amount of money copyright holders receive in return for the usage of their recordings.